Welcome to Adventure Bancroft… your one stop spot for all things Adventure in Bancroft, any time of the year.

Here you will find all things Adventure in Bancroft. Where’s Bancroft you ask? Bancroft is about 2 hours West of Ottawa and about 2 hours North East of Toronto. The town is located around the intersection of Hwy. 62 and Hwy. 28, GPS N 45° 03.362′  W 077° 51.203 Click here to find out more.  Did you know that Ontario has over 250,000 lakes and Bancroft has over 520 lakes within 50 kms of the town? And these are just the MNRF regulated lakes.  For your convenience we have included a link to Bancroft weather and Bancroft traffic. Bancroft is known as the “Mineral capital of Canada”, part of the “Geocaching Capital of Canada” and home to the “Rockhound Gemboree”.

Our goal is to have a one stop spot for you discover Bancroft, no matter what time of year you choose. From fishing, hiking, to ice/rock climbing, snowmobiling, ice fishingRally Cars, Mud Run and meditating. Plus many more Adventure activities.  We will pick a lake or activity and detail our Adventure.  We will also have guest interviews with various people to learn more about all types of Adventures, from rocks to space to lakes and much more! Our goal is to also make this an educational experience for you, there is so much to learn in this world of ours.

Stay tuned for our next Adventure!

Being nature lovers as well as newly empty nesters, we have finally started to really explore Bancroft.  We love kayaking, hiking, ATVing, rock climbing- even at “our age”- (thanks for stating the obvious son!), meditating, yoga and more . Bancroft is smack dab in the middle of Everything Nature and Adventure! In-between our day jobs and “living in the country-chores” we try to find time to enjoy this beautiful world. When we moved to Bancroft in 2011 it was difficult to find information on “everything Adventure in Bancroft” one place. We had spent long hours trying to find all the information needed, which is what led us to building this site as a way to help others experience what Bancroft has to offer through our eyes, then hopefully through their own eyes. This site is definitely a labour of love.

We will be writing about and photographing all things Adventure in Bancroft! Once a week, or more, weathering cooperating of course, we will endeavour to bring you a new experience whatever it may be, along with all the information you need to get out there and do it too!

Your own personal “Adventuring in Bancroft” stories and photos are always welcome. Please contact us.

Please bear with us while we work on our site. We are computer newbies!  One day at a time, or more aptly one post at a time!


“Mother Earth is fading at a quickened pace
Changes are needed by the human race
Remember when exploring to leave no trace
So as to save our precious, precious place”



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